joi, 5 iunie 2008

The Mozart Effect


early childhood development and education

Neuroscientists have intensified their research into music and its role in the developing brain. This is partly due to evolving diagnostic techniques and technology, and due, also, to the growing awareness of the probative opportunities presented by such studies. The Suzuki Music Academy produces this gateway to fascinating information and ideas arising from current research.
The Mozart Effect
The buzzword, "Mozart Effect", has been bandied about by popular print and broadcast media. It is featured in parenting, education, and music oriented publications, and in the mainstream general press. While it has renewed interest in classical music education and focused much deserved attention on the general field of childhood development, the phrase (and the popular notion of its meaning) has been used to sell music lessons, music products of all kinds, including "Mozart Makes You Smarter" product lines, and frankly, some music education snake-oil.

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